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Corneotherapy + Energy Medicine = The New Beauty Paradigm

Maija is a holistic skin therapist and founder of Stoned Rituals and The Boho Room. Maija has been formally trained through Jem Aesthetics Academy, The Mind Body Institute, The Fix Method, Holistic Skin School and Elleebana Canada. Her educational background, personal experience, and intuitive nature ensures a well-rounded approach catering to your individual holistic beauty needs.

She provides carefully crafted products and services which leave you feeling aligned and rejuvenated.

Maija understands the importance of corneotherapy and energy medicine providing nurturing treatments that rebalance your energy internally to radiate healing externally.

Stoned Rituals uses packaging that works to do better environmentally and all products are sustainably sourced, fragrance free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. 

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