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  • How often can I do facial Gua Sha or Reflexology?
    We recommend starting 3 times a week and working your way to every day. Do not do Gua Sha more than once per day.
  • What kind of pressure should I use?
    We suggest light to medium pressure around jawline and cheekbones, light pressure around eyes, light pressure on front of neck and medium pressure on chest, shoulders and sides of neck.
  • What's the best way to clean my stone?
    We recommend using a gentle cleanser after every use.
  • Should I do my ritual day or night?
    To each their own! We prefer to do facial Gua Sha/ Reflexology in the morning so that we are sculpted and fresh for the day. We also recommend morning because facial oils are typically better used in the AM so they do not suffocate your regenerating cells at night.
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